March 2020 - The Come From Away National Tour is suspended...for now. We were able to do 3 performances of our 2 week run in Dallas, TX, through March 12th , before we had to pack up and head back to our homes, because  live theatre, as well as all public gatherings just can't happen right now or in the near future. HOWEVER!!! The show's producers and creatives, as well as all the actors, musicians and crew members are committed to continuing as soon as it's deemed safe for audiences and performers, and we CAN'T WAIT to get back on the road and share this amazing story again. Thanks for visiting my website, there are lots of videos below (many that I created while on tour) as well as music and photos going way back in my career as a drummer and percussionist. Be sure to follow Come From Away on social media as well, our talented bunch keeps posting new content all the time. Be safe, we hope to see you somewhere down the road. - Steve


Mops, that cute and silly monkey who lives behind the percussion rig on the Come From Away tour, wonders why everyone disappeared. He cheers himself up  by imagining the day that theatres will be open and full of people again.


My Dinner with Mops

My latest film project is an homage to one of my favorite movies, My Dinner with Andre (a 1981 Louis Malle film starring and written by Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory.) But of course, I found it to be an opportunity for my CFA puppet friends Mops the Monkey and Wally the Cat to get out of the theatre and take on some new roles. If you haven't seen the original film I highly recommend finding it (last I checked you can rent it on Amazon.) I tried to capture some of its cinematic vibe...except with a cat and monkey, of course!

New Day Cleveland Interview

I had the opportunity to chat about the show with Natalie Herbick on "New Day Cleveland" and demonstrate the bodhran and ugly stick.


Come From Away First National Tour 

Promo footage of the original cast of the CFA national tour, with Kevin Carolan, Julie Johnson, James Earl Jones II,  Christine Toy Johnson, Harter Clingman, Danielle K. Thomas, Chamblee Ferguson, Emily Walton, Nick Duckart, Becky Gulsvig, Andrew Samonsky and Megan McGinnis. Band members appearing are Cynthia Kortman Westphal (accordion), Adam Stoler (guitar), Kiana June Weber (fiddle). Isaac Alderson (Irish whistle), Matt Wong (mandolin) and Steve Holloway (bodhran). Not seen, but heard is Ben Morrow on drums and Max Calkin on bass!

This is Mops the Monkey!

If you've seen Come From Away, you know that among the 7,000 passengers aboard the planes diverted to Gander, Newfoundland were two Bonobo chimpanzees who were bound for the Columbus Zoo that morning. This story inspired me to get into a little monkey business of my own, creating an alter ego named "Mops the Monkey" (Mops is short for "Monkey on Planes.") Mops likes to entertain the entertainers when they're not too busy onstage, and I made this little video so everyone can join in the fun!