Scotland and Mexico

Hola! After a nice summer haitus, I'm back with Riverdance for a bit longer, and this time we're touring Mexico. We'll be performing in six Mexican cities this month starting in Monterrey and ending in Mexico City. All upcoming dates are posted on the calendar. The break in the Riverdance schedule gave me a chance to go to Scotland and spend two weeks working with the Irish musical comedy "Improbable Frequency" performing at the Fringe Festival, Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. What a trip! The show was reviewed and rated 5 stars by both the London and Irish Times, and even got a proper nod from Sir Sean Connery, whose enthusiam for the show brought massive ripples in the quantum field, as one might imagine! This November I'll be leaving Riverdance to work on a new Off - Broadway musical, composed by two old friends of mine, David DeMichelis and Gary Bragg. "The Ticket" will open on election day in New York, November 7, 2006 at the Sage Theater in Times Square. It will be difficult to say goodbye to Riverdance and all the great people I've worked with on the show the past two and half years, but it's exciting to get back home to New York and start something new. Hope to see there--