Steve Holloway

November, 2019

The beat goes on, and so does the Come From Away national tour! We're now well into year 2 of this amazing production - go to and select "tour" to find out when we'll be near you.

My latest video/film project is an homage to one of my favorite movies, My Dinner with Andre (a 1981 Louis Malle film starring and written by Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory.) But of course, I found it to be an opportunity for my puppet friends Mops the Monkey and Wally the Cat to get out of the theatre and take on some new roles. If you haven't seen the original film I highly recommend finding it (last I checked you can rent it on Amazon.) I tried to capture some of its cinematic vibe...except with a cat and monkey, of course!



May 13, 2019

A bit of rhythmic interaction with a sculpture near The Marcus Performing Arts Center in Milwaukee!


Spring/Summer 2019

The COME FROM AWAY First National Tour is going very well - it's been over 7 months since we opened in Seattle last October, and audiences all across the country have been packing theatres and cheering us on!

If you've seen the show, you know that among the 7,000 passengers aboard the planes diverted to Gander, Newfoundland were two Bonobo chimpanzees who were bound for the Columbus Zoo that morning. This story inspired me to get into a little monkey business of my own, creating an alter ego named "Mops the Monkey" (Mops is short for "Monkey on Planes.") Mops likes to entertain the entertainers when they're not too busy onstage, and I made this little video so everyone can join in the fun! 



Summer/Fall 2018


I know, it's been a long time since I've updated this website, but it doesn't mean things have been slow - quite the contrary! Since the Broadway show "Come From Away" opened in March 2017 I've been very busy freelancing on the show, and am now headed out on the road with their first national tour - I couldn't be more excited! Visit the show's website to find out where the tour is headed - the first year has been announced, but I can say that it'll keep going across North America for years to come.

Here's a short video I made of the unboxing of the new bodhran I'll be playing on the tour - check it out and subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get notified of future tour reports and updates.


Summer 2017 -

I've had the opportunity to sub on the brilliant new Broadway show "Come From Away" since shortly after it open this past March. I'm covering two different books (drums and percussion) so they're giving me double duty and I love it! This musical is SO good and SO awesome, it's likely to run on Broadway for long time, and it's a must see. The cast is a force of nature, I love them all (Q. Smith is a fellow Nebraskan!) and the crew is wonderful. And the band is onstage throughout, which is a thrill!

This pic is from early July, I think my 25th performance.

Cast and band of Come From Away at Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, New York NY 

March madness began this year with a U.S. tour with legendary Cape Breton fiddler Natalie MacMaster, along with Donell Leahy, 5 of their uber-talented kids, and killer musicians Mac Moran and Shane Henderson!

And my new video company Dude Video is collaborating with artists Tracey Berglund and Liz Pop of SeeHearDraw on a series of videos for the international women's rights organization AWID, the first can be seen here:


Winter 2017 -

Ah, it's been too long! (The World Wide Web feels so quaint in the age of social media, which is why I keep this website up and running!)

First of all, my other web site, is also alive and well, and good place to check out film, video and audio projects I've been working on. There you'll find my short documentary "The Secret Lives of New York Cats" (accepted into two film festivals already!) and loads of music videos and other projects.

The Dude created another installation of "Brooklyn Bodhran", a 60 second blast of Brooklyn, bodhran, drum kit and electronic grooves!

I'm also thrilled to present a short documentary/concert film produced by London-based guitarist Glenn Perry and filmed by videographer Steve Brickman. Titled "Jazz Rock for Peace" - that's what it is - a musical exploration with some old friends and new at Matt Garrison's Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn, NY, filmed in late November 2016. Glenn is very generous and let us all stretch out, it was as fun as it looks, and more so!



Summer 2016 - 

I've made enough videos and mixed enough audio projects that I decided to create a video portfolio and a new website, which is now live at Dude Video ( Why Dude? Well, my laid-back nature seems to be the key similarity between me and Jeff Bridges' extraordinary character. Though while I was living in London and working in Europe, I suspect my American accent had a hand in it. When I first met my friend Dritero (from Kosovo) he asked "Are you from California? Because you talk like the guy in "The Big Lebowski!" 

I plan on keeping both sights up to date, with focusing on my drumming and musical ventures, and for projects I've worked on as an engineer and editor. Of course, the two often intertwine, so there'll be plenty of crossposting.

And so you don't feel that the good lord gypped ya, here's the latest music video, featuring (who else?) Brooklyn Bodhran Dude!

UPDATE: If you want to watch my new documentary short "The Secret Lives of New York Cats" click here!




Spring 2016 - 

Gowanus, an industrial area of Brooklyn featuring the infamous Gowanus Canal, was for decades a dumping ground of all manners of pollution and toxic waste. But in recent years it's attracted artists, restaurants, bars, and shiny new apartment buildings. It's odd mix of factories, warehouses and residential streets. The eerie green water of the canal is the backdrop for this installment of Brooklyn Bodhran!

Winter 2016 - There are just a couple of NYC subway stations that still look like they did when I moved to New York 25 years ago. Hoyt-Schermerhorn in Downtown Brooklyn is one, with two dusty, unused platforms that seemed the perfect place to create an unusual busking scene!

Fall 2015 - This fall I'm working on the world premiere of "The Train", a new musical composed by Bill Whelan, book by Arthur Riordan. It's a wonderful show which chronicles the beginning of the seismic change for women's rights in Ireland in the 1970's, but it's still pertinent today all over the world, especially in America. I met Bill 16 years ago when he hired me to work on Riverdance of Broadway, and it's so great to be involved with his first major work since composing Riverdance. And I had the pleasure of working on Arthur's show "Improbable Frequency" in 2005 at Dublin's Abbey Theatre and the 2006 Fringe Festival in Edinburgh Scotland. Opening night is Oct 1, 2015 at the Lime Tree Theatre in Limerick, then we move on to the Dublin Theatre Festival where it will run at the Project Arts Center. This is an extraordinary musical, the actors are awesome, the band is cool (Cathal Synnott is such a great Musical Director!) If I sound giddy, I am!


I've been inspired to create some bodhran video clips, so here's a bodhran/electric piano duet, set at the Jay Street/Metrotech subway station in Brooklyn...Ghost Buskers!


Here's a short clip from Boston's iFest, 2014 - with Jason O'Neill.

I've recently created a half hour television special of music and video art that will air this fall on BRIC Media Arts Brooklyn Public Network called Brooklyn Chill Out, Pop-up Drum Trance (below.) Go ahead, turn up your speakers or chill out with headphones, and let me know what you think. If the graphics look familiar, it's because they were created by the super-talented Tracey Berglund, the artist for the original VH1 show "Pop Up Video". To download a free MP3 version of the entire piece, click the "Music" tab on the right of this page.



Someone asked me to post a video of myself playing a bodhran solo (I know, what was he thinking?) Instead, I made this little claymation with my alter-ego playing for me. Meet "Boo" Ron Casey!



And here's another - spooky drumming cats!



Special thanks to the great photographer Miriam Berkley for the shot below, taken at the Dumbo Arts Festival in Brooklyn. See more of her work at


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